Underneath Loftybliss

There is an intuitive empath, a wanderess, a mother, a lover of all that is art and old-soul feeling. Loftybliss is not an identity I’ve created for myself. It is a poetic state of being, feeling and now even more so, healing. Something that I’ve chased and longed to find within myself for as long as I can remember. The kind of magic that dwells in those raw moments of euphoria, beauty, escape, creation, wanderlust, interconnectedness, and even heartache. The magic of being and feeling fully alive and seen. All captured on 35mm film.

I am Bryanna Villareal, the film photographer behind this inspired state of bliss. I currently reside in the Santa Cruz County of California, where I’ve lived for most of my life. My dreams include branching outside of this bubble and connecting with other like-minded, creative souls. If this is you, let’s make some magic together! If you wish to purchase any prints please go to the contact page, xoxo.